This week’s episodes in haiku! (04/22/12)

Rather than clutter the internet with long-winded and picture-heavy episodic summaries, I decided I’d try a different approach. I’ll try as best I can to write my episode summaries in the form of an English Haiku (no complaining about the lack of on or kigo, please). With accompanying screencaps, of course!

Saki: Episode of Side A – Episode 3

regionals were free

but ryumonbuchi was not

nationals look tough

Mysterious Girlfriend X- Episode 3

hey, that’s my girlfriend!

her drool didn’t turn you on?

then you have no chance

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia – Episode 3

is yuuko evil?

someone almost convinced me

i know better now

Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos – Episode 3

kuko transfers in

is someone stalking nyarko?

oh, it’s her nii-san

Medaka Box – Episode 3

another male lead!

rivals for medaka’s heart?

we must kung-fu fight!


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