Obligatory post-Otakon goodness.

Well, another year, another Otakon cleared. I’ve gone almost annually since 2000 or so, and this was probably one of the better cons I’ve been to for a while. I hit my usual rotation (NISA panel, AMV contest, game room, etc) plus a few others, and I ended up with plenty of swag. Lots of figures. Most of them were SEGA Prizes, but the ones I got in particular seemed to be of unusually high quality for the arcade prize stuff, so I was very pleased for their price points.

As for pictures …

Otakon 2012 – Saturday Loot

Saturday was pretty dope. One of the dealer’s was rocking a whole bunch of very nice wallscrolls like the Reimu one that I got. I was torn between it and a Youmu scroll, but opted for the Reimu since the character is a lot more identifiable than a random girl with a katana of sorts. My brother picked up a very nice Black Rock Shooter scroll from the same booth. Also at this booth were some doujin artbooks, and I nabbed one of them with art by Pico. It was worth – the – price.

The Yui is a SEGA Prize figure, but it’s really well sculpted and I like the pose. The face seems of slightly less quality than the other figures I got, but all in all it’s very nice. I had to get something Yui-related, after all, since she’s always a top 5 on my character favorites.

Speaking of favorites, we have Sakura (which I nabbed for my sister). While it’s a TRC plush and not CCS, the SD form makes it hard to distinguish anyway.

Having recently marathon’d through all three Nanoha series, I figured I needed to pick up something to show my support for traditional mahou shoujo. To that end, I swiped a non-Strikers Nanoha and Fate, but they came from a season one set, so no Hayate yet. Which was a real shame. In fact, I don’t think I found any Hayate figures throughout the entire room. Fate and Nanoha are standing on the two Pita-Ten novels that were translated by Seven Seas (which is now on hiatus — rage-inducing due to the fact that two out of three novels were released). And just below the Pita-Ten books are Ballad of a Shinigami volumes 1 and 2, which I’ve hunted for in bookstores for some time. In fact, I’d been looking for the entire lineup of original size-format light novels that Seven Seas released when they started doing LNs. It was one of the biggest and most welcome surprises of the room.

Last bit of stuff from Saturday’s haul was the Boogiepop novel and a small Kyoko figure that I got from one of the mystery Madoka boxes.

Otakon 2012 – Sunday Loot

Sunday, of course, is the best day if you’re looking for deals. I managed to pick up quite a bit of stuff, as you can see. Up front are the main Kiyosmi girls from Saki: Saki, Nodoka and Yuuki. Behind them are three (you guessed it) SEGA Prize figures! Haruhi was my first purchase — this one’s right up my alley: Haruhi’s a top-tenner, it’s from my favorite novel, and she’s got the long-haired ponytail. Full of moe.

Kirino was a surprising buy for me. While I absolutely love OreImo, I have mixed feelings about Kirino as a character (though her polarizing demeanor probably makes her within top 2 or 3 of the cast in the series). In any case, the real draw for this figure was the pose and the coloring of Kirino’s hair. You can’t see it in the photo, but it has a really nice gradient that’s really clear from behind.

As much as I love Hirasawa Yui, a part of her appeal comes from the interactions she has with her sister, Ui. So I had to have the two sisters on the same shelf. It’s another SEGA Prize figure, but the pose is really cute and I like the spatula/frying pan accessories. My only reservation about the figure is that her legs look … really plastic. Kirino’s isn’t nearly as apparent and the Yui figure has leggings, so this issue might be something to consider for other SEGA Prize stuff. I actually wanted them to be back to back next to each other on display, but the scales are different, with Yui towering over her imouto even though their official height difference is only 3 cm.

I would’ve waited all day for this one.

And the main reason I went to the con on Sunday: Hirano Aya’s concert. It was a fantastic performance, and moreso because she actually ran through an encore set (Bouken Desho Desho, Monstar), followed by a funderful signing. The autograph line was – so – very – long (camera phone ftw).

It was kinda strange, because those who lucked out with getting seats closer to the stage ended up being last in line for the autograph signing since the line actually began forming near the entrance and wrapped around the back. I had a middle-seat for the concert, so I managed to make it within the first 70 or so people in line … and it still took me about a half hour to get my item signed. Considering they only gave an hour for the entire autograph session, I can guarantee that a lot of people left very disappointed.

As for me, I had my copy of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya signed. I felt a little gimpy showing up with the DVD and not the Blu-ray, but the BRD would’ve set me back one figure, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Can’t wait for 2013! I just wish that more people I knew had actually gone this year.


2 thoughts on “Obligatory post-Otakon goodness.

  1. Love the pictures of all the loot, and I’m so envious that you lucked out with a Kyoko in your Madoka mystery box. I was too nervous about getting a character I didn’t like (anyone but Kyoko or Homura) that I avoided getting on at AX. Also really like your Reimu wallscroll, though I think Youmu is definitely recognizable enough to warrant a purchase :p Was there a Patchouli scroll?

    • Mystery boxes are fine to me unless they have minor characters mixed in with them as well, which is the case a lot of the times. All the figures on the mystery Madoka box seem pretty legit, though, so I felt it would be a good purchase no matter what.

      Youmu is recognizable, but the wallscroll had a pose where it was really just her face and her sword. No green outfit, no Myon — I didn’t think it’d be distinguishable enough, though it was a very good piece of art. There was no Patchy, otherwise I would’ve gotten it (Patchy/Suwako/Cirno are my faves).

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