This week’s episodes in haiku! (06/10/12)

Very good week as my series are spiraling toward their respective climaxes. Saki gives us a glimpse at the playstyle of potential S-class character, Miyanaga Teru and Dusk Maiden finally gives us details on Yuuko’s mysterious past (introducing Yukariko, Kirie’s grandmother, as a classic nervous and timid imouto). Meanwhile, a true threat of love triangle rears its ugly head in Mysterious Girlfriend. It’s all quite good, though there’s no Accel World this week.

Medaka Box – Episode 10

this has gone too far

you’re wrong to think me a saint;

i won’t forgive this

Saki: Episode of Side A – Episode 9

the champion’s presence

carves a solid winning streak

but we’re not done yet!

Mysterious Girlfriend X- Episode 10

a past love returns

sinking her venomous fangs

in tsubaki’s heart

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia – Episode 10

the past is revealed

tragedy and sacrifice

slighted by despair

Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos – Episode 10

we found the culprit:

space censorship proponents

back to normal now!


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