This week’s episodes in haiku! (04/29/12)

This week has been pretty eventful. I decided to drop Acchi Kocchi since I couldn’t find any legal stream for it, and I decided to replace it with Accel World (currently airing on Hulu) instead. I’m not bothered by the decision — I love fighting games, so the series’ hook of using virtual personas to do battle in no-holds barred combat across the city is right up my alley.

In unrelated news, I’ve been working on a small SHMUP-like video game for the past few weeks and I decided to throw together a quick demo video for it. I couldn’t find my Adobe Premiere CD, so I had an interesting time just trying to sync things up in Windows Movie Maker. Still, I had more luck with WMM than with Camtasia Studio (which I find terrible), so I can’t hate on it too much.

And now for this week’s haiku!

Medaka Box – Episode 4

hideyoshi wins!

akune joins anyway

first task — love letter?!

Accel World – Episode 4

senpai saved my life

no matter what lies ahead

i will protect her!

Saki: Episode of Side A – Episode 4

the pros doubt her, but…

the relentless “dragon road”

secures the first round!

Mysterious Girlfriend X- Episode 4

a shared bento lunch

leads to whirling emotions

could this be trouble?

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia – Episode 4

an evening spent

under the light of the moon

veils a faint darkness

Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos – Episode 4

welcome home, mommy!

i met this alien kid

he’s looking for you


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