Some kind of Dragon Crisis

Dragons seem to have it all when it comes to Japanese pop culture. They’ve got Balls, Drives, Halves, Leaves, Pinks, Quests … Well, not to say that the west doesn’t have its own share of Dungeons and all. I’ll leave the Fus Ro Dah alone for another time. Today, we have a Dragon Crisis, and it probably has something to do with a pointless and nonsensical story thrown together into a sloppy 12 episode run.

In the world of Dragon Crisis, special items called “Lost Precious” contain varying amounts of magical power and are ranked by class, from F to the extremely rare but powerful A. Given the prevalence of these items in the world, several organizations are dedicated to obtaining and studying them. Little is known about the origins of their power, but it is often considered that dragons play a pivotal role in their creation, as many of the Lost Precious are in fact remnants or artifacts of dragon culture. Kisaragi Ryuuji’s parents happen to be two of the most influential hunters in the world, and Ryuuji himself is no slouch as he is one of only seven Breakers that have reached Level 10. When Ryuuji reunites with his cousin Nanao Erika after years of separation, he finds himself hunting a Lost Precious that is purported to be of Class A and possibly even S status. After successfully finding and obtaining the container that holds the treasure, the two make their getaway as the box bursts open, revealing a mysterious girl with long blond hair, a strange tattoo on her hand, and the ability to breathe fire. Turns out that Rose, named for her tattoo, is a red dragon princess and Ryuuji is the only human that she can tolerate.

You left your watch, too?

I will admit that the series started off rather exciting. A bit of history and exposition was offered in the first episode but the proper elements were left unsaid to build a satisfying amount of mystery to the world’s magical nature. It jumps straight into the action as the two protagonists swipe a Lost Precious under the cover of night from a heavily guarded organization. After this strong opening, however, Rose really dumbs the series down. She can’t speak a lick of the human language for the first two or so episodes so much unnecessary time is wasted trying to develop her skills and not her character (which is ruined early on since all she can do is say Ryuuji’s name while glomping him 24/7). Somehow this childish character reminds me a lot of Index from To Aru Majutsu no Index but the difference is that Dragon Crisis treats this irritating character as a primary romantic interest. Rather, the only romantic interest. It just doesn’t seem to fit. For many episodes she’s treated as a child and after a while we’re just supposed to click and believe that a serious relationship could bud between humans and dragons just because the plot is saying they should. It’s not like Rose goes through a transformation a la Rydia in Final Fantasy IV; Rose stays extremely loli and if Ryuuji had been any older I probably would’ve found it more than a little creepy (like Astarotte’s Toy).

That isn’t to say that there aren’t any good qualities of the series. The concept of magical items is a boon, as are the other dragon royalty. But most of it is kept in the shadows; the questions that the first episode fails to answer are never given answers throughout the entire series. I want to believe that the novels are a bit more specific but it’s still disappointing to see a series fret around for 12 episodes and accomplish close to nothing when it doesn’t pretend to even be a slice of life. One of the most baffling questions to me is “what is a breaker?” It was never explained in detail — you’d think that such an overused ranking trope (power levels, esper ranks, spirit energy, ki, soul power) would at least be detailed within the story to give it its own unique spin.

It’s a real shame that such a potentially interesting world is wasted on a shallow series like this. Again, I want to believe that the novels are better and if they are, Dragon Crisis as an anime series really does the author a disservice. I can sense so much potential here that is never explored, and it’s baffling. Definitely not Studio DEEN’s finest hour.


Character Ranking – Dragon Crisis

  1. Nanao Eriko
  2. Marga
  3. Ai
  4. Etou Misaki
  5. Kisaragi Ryuuji
  6. Bianca Alexandra Lou
  7. Sapphi
  8. Rose
  9. Kai
  10. Onyx

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