This toy is broken, Astarotte.

The first thing I have to say about Astarotte’s Toy is that the name change seems unnecessary. The original manga series was Lotte’s Toy, which became Astarotte’s Toy in the anime adaption. I don’t really see why. It actually makes the English translation even more confusing because “Lotte” is a nickname for “Astarotte.” Japanese pronunciation of r and l sounds are shared. So I spent the first episode wondering if Astarotte and Lotte were actually separate characters until I was explicitly shown that it was not the case. But enough about that. Astarotte’s Toy is a short, ecchi, fanservice-ful, loli-laden series and makes no effort to hide the fact. Even the plot lends itself to the perverted direction.

Pantsu! Pantsu!

Young Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar is the princess of the Monster Realm, a dimension separated from the human world by the magical tree Yggdrasil. Though she is only ten years old, she is also a succubus that must feed upon “a liquid exclusive to males” to maintain her youth, livelihood and magical power. As she quickly nears the age of maturation, her vassals struggle to convince the princess to assemble a harem of men. Unfortunately, Lotte hates men and to disrupt the harem’s creation, will only agree to a harem that has a human male, which are extremely rare in the Monster Realm. By chance, the Yggdrasil tree activates suddenly, allowing Lotte’s most trusted vassal, Judit, to enter the human realm and return with the human male, Naoya. Though Naoya is over twice Lotte’s age, he is commissioned to be the first member of the harem and make sure that Lotte’s magical power never leaves her.

So the plot lends itself to the ecchi perversion, but other than hilariously large bosoms and a never-ending stream of panty-shots, the series remains timidly PG-13 at best. Which is a good thing, because the loli characters are all extremely adorable. There’s a strange suspension of disbelief that I was never really able to get past after a small twist early in the story: Naoya actually has a daughter, Asuha, that is the same age as Lotte — and the mother is none other than the Queen, Lotte’s mother. This makes Asuha and Lotte half-sisters that are nearly the same age (succubi give birth faster, apparently) while Naoya is expected to fulfill certain perverse duties on Lotte’s behalf. Not sure what to think about this, and it gave me a mental block throughout the rest of the series.

The relationship between Lotte and Naoya is nothing spectacular, but only because the series tries to push the romance issue too strongly where it just isn’t believable in the slightest. On another note, I swear that I’ve seen this kind of relationship before. Let’s see here.

Lotte is: A blond, pigtailed, princess loli girl with green eyes voiced by Kugimiya Rie.

Naoya is: A blue-haired, soft-spoken male servant.

Yeah, I think you know where I’m going with this one.

There isn’t much of a plot to speak about, and the agenda of pushing the relationship between Lotte and Naoya is incessant but never strong enough to really get anything going. So what you end up with is a series that has no real conflict and focuses too heavily on a single pairing to make the “well, it’s slice-of-life” excuse even remotely valid. If you like pointless ecchi fanservice, this one might be right up your ally but for me, not even Kugimiya Rie, the Tsundere Queen could salvage this one for me. Lotte didn’t seem like much of a tsundere anyway, just a whiny crybaby.


Character Ranking – Astarotte’s Toy

  1. Tohara Asuha
  2. Mistrune Asgrim
  3. Mercelida Ygvar
  4. Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims
  5. Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar
  6. Judit Snorrevik
  7. Tohara Naoya

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