A Dark Rabbit has only 12 episodes

Yeah, it was the title that got me interested for some reason. I mean, what the heck could you possibly expect out of a series called A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives? Just looking at the promo-art, I saw that the titular character was a moe girl with pink-to-blue gradiented hair. Well, I’ll tell you what I didn’t expect — I didn’t expect to see a main character’s head fly from his body within the first minutes, and I definitely didn’t expect the titular character to be one of the most ancient and powerful immortal vampires in the series. That’s right, Dark Rabbit is a dark romance with vampires. And it’s moe. The amalgamation of so many contemporary trends is almost laughable, and the rabbit never really seems to hop off in the right direction.

As student Kurogane Taito is walking home from school, he spots a young girl about to cross the street as a large truck is speeding towards the intersection. He manages to shove the girl out of the way but is struck by the large vehicle and dragged through the tires as it comes to a screeching halt. For some reason, Taito feels a bit off until he realizes that his head has been separated from his body. After pulling himself back together (literally) he flees the scene only to encounter a girl from his past that he had forgotten. He remembers that Saitohimea, an ancient vampire, had fallen in love with him many years ago and given him a magical power to revive himself from death seven times. The spell resets itself every 15 minutes, effectively rendering Taito immortal. Unfortunately for them, there’s a powerful person lurking behind the shadows trying to resurrect a vampire even more powerful than Saitohimea and unleash it upon the world.

The hook is kind of interesting, if a bit arbitrary. Seven deaths per fifteen minutes? That’s a stretch. Why not just make it a death per 2 minutes or something? There’s a black humor element in this series similar to Angel Beats — Saito often finds himself being killed as comedic relief, but it’s not really that funny.

That's right, she's a VAMPIRE.

He dies to the most awkward things like suffocation, having chalk fired directly into his heart, and other stupidly unbelievable ways. It kinda makes you feel sorry for the guy, since he’s a generic weakling that only knows how to charge forward. His method of fighting is typical of the ‘guts’ character that just so happens to have a power that can render his opponent’s skills useless (like Touma from Index).

With only 12 episodes, you’d think that the series would try to do something with the plot, but it hardly does. It feels like this series is a setup for a second season, because there isn’t even really a climax to resolve at the end. But considering how iffy the series is, I’m not sure it’ll get picked up for renewal.

I really wanted to like this series, but it kind of just falls flat on its face. The first two episodes were very promising; it started off with a gutsy shock event and lead straight into an episode of visually-impressive combat scenes. After that, though, nothing seemed to compare. It spent more time on an unnecessary love triangle that didn’t really seem all that stressful to any of the members involved. What’s bothersome to me is that I have this strange gut feeling that the novels might actually be worth reading. There’s a level of detail in the character histories that viewers get a glimpse of, but is never expanded upon. Plus the fact that about one-fourth of the series was ecchi fanservice — I highly doubt that the novels would be so blatant with their use considering they’d like the visuals to do so. Maybe the character illustrations, but I’d imagine the artist(s) would use those few pages for something a little more tasteful.


A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives – Character Ranking

  1. Saitohimea
  2. Shigure Haruka
  3. Yuiichi Cross Philier
  4. Andou Mirai
  5. Kurogane Saito
  6. Kurenai Hinata
  7. Kurenai Gekkou

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