Myself; Yourself … means … what?

I actually started watching Myself; Yourself right after finishing School Days. So a lot of the time I found myself extremely wary and cautious of a sudden yandere explosion, which kind of shook my opinion of the series from the get-go. So I stopped watching after about four episodes.

I finally came back to it recently and finished it up and while there were a few choice moments that set me on edge and gave me a firm chill down my spine once or twice, there was no bloody yandere murderfacing. So in that regard, I was very pleased.

The series was actually much, much better than I expected it to me. The animation isn’t exceptionally good but the characters are well designed, unique, and rather pleasing to the eye. After getting suckered into the Gosick and Kanon moe-fests, this was a refreshing change.

Plot-wise, it’s pretty much follows the standard of a VN/dating-sim -gone anime … main protagonist moves back to the place he grew up as a child, interacts with several females that were once his friends or soon become his friends and is, for some reason, suffering from various degrees of amnesia. What this series does not have, which I am thankful for, is your standard astral projection girl.

The main couple, Sana and Nanaka, are completely and utterly overshadowed by the relationship between Shuri and Shusuke, who are twin sister and brother respectively. The series treads a very fine line between strong kinship and siscon, coming to a wonderful climax near the end of the series. In fact, I personally considered the resolution of that relationship to actually be the climax of the whole series, with the Sana-Nanaka resolution absolutely secondary.

All in all, a series that far exceeded my expectations. But what the heck is the title supposed to mean? I get it from within the context of the series to describe the Sana-Nanaka relationship but … really? Very uncool use of a ‘foreign’ language.

Character Ranking: Myself; Yourself

  1. Wakatsuki Shuri
  2. Mochida Hinako
  3. Fujimura Yuzuki
  4. Hoshino Asami
  5. Wakatsuki Shusuke
  6. Oribe Aoi
  7. Yatsushiro Nanaka
  8. Hidaka Sana

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