Gosick: wtb ceramic pipe

Here’s another story that lends itself very well to reality but still dabbles in unnatural forces ranging from quirky to hauntingly mysterious. Gosick wastes little time setting the tone and pace for the entire 24-episode rollercoaster of a series. While other mystery series (i.e. Conan) suffer from episodic serialization blues that may or may not be your cup of tea for an anime series (I’m personally okay with it), Gosick has an agenda from the get-go and within the first 4 episodes the groundwork for the greater plot is , unbeknownst to the viewer, already set in stone. The way that the greater plot builds upon all of these smaller stones is very thoughtfully laid out.

That being said, Victorique/Victorica (choose your localization) absolutely steals the show. Her character art is great and her design, while evoking the tried-and-true tsundere approach, is balanced wonderfully by her ability to shift in and out of her personality phases. One second you’re watching a loliroll and another she’s mouthing her ceramic pipe, solving mysteries with fragments of chaos.

As interesting a character as she is, though, a bulk of Victorique’s charm comes from the exceptional voicework of Yuki Aoi. While I’m familiar with this particular seiyuu as Iris from Pokemon: Best Wishes (and I despise that character), most will probably identify Yuki-san as the seiyuu for Madoka. Just noting the difference between Victorique and Madoka gives me a profound appreciation for her abilities as an actress. That, and her ability to make singing off key sound awesome. Hirano Aya as Konata has a run for her money on that one.

As a side-note, the seiyuu for Akemi did the voice of Victorique in the drama CD, which I thought was pretty cool.

There’s not much else I want to say about Gosick, because I really don’t want to spoil it. That’s how highly I recommend it. The music, art, acting, plot and style are all top-notch, and this one definitely goes up on my top 10, at least for the moment. My only gripe is Kujo and his annoying habit of yelling out “VICTORIQUE” x 100 times throughout the series.

Character Ranking: Gosick

  1. Victorique de Blois
  2. Cordellia Gallo
  3. Marquis Albert de Blois
  4. Avril Bradley
  5. Grevil de Blois
  6. Kujo Kazuya

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