Hidan no Aria, the usual

So the first episode of Hidan no Aria really enthralled me. As usual, I’ll have to draw the obvious comparison to Shakugan no Shana (complete with Kugimiya Rie) and just point out that as far as action style and flare goes, I think I prefer Aria. Obviously, Shana has a much more intriguing plot, though.

That being said, the basic twist between the Aria / Kinji partnership is Kinji’s ‘Hysteria mode,’ which seems to bolster his ability to do various feats of action-oriented badassery. I’ll draw another parallel here to DNAngel with the ‘ability’ to become awesome by thinking of their loved one. The only difference is that Kinji doesn’t seem to have two personalities, his existing one is just made a bit more suave and awesome.

I loved Riko. She’s a total XCOPY of Mafuyu from Seitokai no Ichizon: a perverted otaku with long, blonde hair. With the bonus of being able to wield blades with her hair.

There are certainly enough novels to fuel another season, so I’ll be very pleased if this series is given another go. But I’d be just as happy with a spin-off centered around Riko.


Hidan no Aria

  1. Mine Riko
  2. Reki
  3. Kanzaki H Aria
  4. Toyama Kinji
  5. Hotogi Shirayuki

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