True Tears and post-viewing melancholy

Spoilers abound.

When it comes to drawing the fine line between a critical review and a personal opinion, I’ve had plenty of practice. Critically, True Tears is a fantastic anime with great pacing, music and character development. If I had to dock it for anything, it would be a few plot holes and possibly the way that the ending was handled.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was a huge Noe-shipper, but I completely agree with the decision to have Shin and Hiromi get together in the end. I mean, it was pretty much a given from the first few episodes, and actually having Shin go out with Noe midway through the series kinda put the nail in the coffin for me.

Except for in the last two episodes, where the anime dangles that tantalizing piece of meat and makes it seem like anything could go.

Regardless, I agree with the Shin-Hiromi pairing. The anime itself is about Shin and Noe. They are the main characters, and Hiromi plays second fiddle to them. And I was also satisfied with the bus stop. Noe will always have a piece of Shin’s heart. You can see that as they sing Noe’s sing as they walk away from each other, with Shin in tears. I’m usually extremely supportive of the ‘childhood friend’ pairing, but in this case I really appreciated how Noe and Shin complemented each other and forced the other to grow.

As soon as I finished watching this thing, I knew it had left a lasting impression on me. I can usually gauge how much I enjoy a series, or how much it belongs on a ‘favorites’ list by how I feel afterward. Only the anime that I can truly call my favorites give me that distinct melancholy that makes me ‘want more’ of the series once I’m finished with it. I’m very pleased to add True Tears to such a favorites list.


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