The "Gaming Nexus"

Most people I know have some sort of media hub. You know, like a living room or something that has the nice TV with everything hooked up to it — killer sound system, comfy couch, the works.

I’d never really been a fan of having a centralized media nexus — if money were no object, I would likely do the complete opposite and simply try to place as much of my media in the most random places — but still being to access said centralized hub.

I think part of this is because I’ve never really had the good fortune of being able to use more of the cutting edge technologies, and I find myself enjoying being frugal and trying to squeeze as much performance out of whatever limited technology I have access to.

I mean, up until last year there wasn’t even a TV in this house that had anything more modern than AV Composite. I ended up possessing a 32″ flatscreen CRT (and yes, I favor CRTs when given the chance) from a family friend, and it had S-Video on it. So, needless to say, I was very pleased.

For my 360, though, I still preferred keeping it on a monitor with a VGA box, since the monitor can actually output progressive. But a few days ago, I found that this behemoth of a television set actually supports component — so I’ve spent a good part of this Thanksgiving break fiddling with the TV and establishing a sort of gaming nexus that’s peripheral to my dual-monitor PC setup (the 2nd monitor is now free thanks to the 360 being moved back to the television set).

As of this moment, I now have the following wired into the TV:

Playstation 2 & Gamecube via S-Video
360 and Wii via Component
— and my laptop also going in so I can watch live Starcraft 2 matches on the big screen, and not-so-i-can-play-emulated-games-from-the-comfort-of-my-reclining-chair.

I managed to resurrect some old speakers and an amp too — it’s not surround or anything, but considering their size and the positioning towards the chair, it’s more than enough.

In some ways, I kind of like the idea of the Nexus now that I actually have it up and running — we’ll see how long it lasts, though … one of the biggest qualms I have is the distance between it and my PC, which makes it difficult to hold conversations or look up gaming guides without getting out of my chair. I’ll have to find a way to fix that, too.


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