Windwaker and Analog Sticks

Due to the fact that I am lacking finances, I’ve held off on acquiring new games and instead have looked to my endless backlog of unfinished games that I’ve accumulated over the past few years.

I started playing Final Fantasy VI Advance on my DS, which eventually became FFVI Advance on my Gamecube’s Gameboy Player. Now that FFVI is finished, though, I still felt like playing a game while holding the Gamecube controller (which, I must say, feels great).

Then I realized that I had never finished Wind Waker. Or really started, for that matter.

In fact, I had only gotten about 20 minutes into the game before I got ‘bored’ due to the lack of action (the first dungeon doesn’t allow you to use your sword). So I figured it was time to give it a second go.

I’m a few hours in now, and so far I feel like I will finish Wind Waker long before I finish Twilight Princess. I find the art style extremely appealing, and lament that Twilight Princess went back to the more realistic-looking design. It just doesn’t feel as inspired as the vibrant cel-shaded visuals and unique style, but that might just be me — I’m not very far in Twilight Princess either.

Regardless, Wind Waker still looks gorgeous to me all these years later, and I find it much prettier than its contemporaries.

While I was playing, I also happened to notice the analog stick setup of the Gamecube controller. Considering that both the Gamecube and the XBOX used the staggered design, I wonder why Sony still favors the Dualshock analog setup. I know that it’s a tried and true design, but it feels awkward to have to use both analog sticks simultaneously on a Dualshock-inspired controller.

I’d like to think that it’s because the PS3 is home to RPGs galore. The placement of the D-Pad on a Dualshock makes it easier for me to switch my left thumb from the analog stick to the d-pad to traverse menus easier. I know I can’t be the only person that does this. I greatly prefer using the D-pad to navigate menus, and I despise when games force me to use analog sticks only to do so… Though, I’ve been slowly weaned off from this habit due to my extended time with the Xbox360 controller, which has the absolute worst D-Pad on any controller that I’ve ever played.


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